The Philosophical theory that only the consciousness exists, or can be proved to exist.

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It took many years for me to understand the beautiful gift I had been given to intuit. That gift along with my deep caring for others has helped me develop a practice that has given my life true purpose and hopefully contributed to and nurtured my sweet clients for over 30 years.

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The intuitive experience should always give you something to walk away with that you can use to improve and enhance your life. I do not dance around issues or questions. I attempt to deal with things head on, yet with love and compassion.

Guided Meditations

We are much too busy. We feed the body and ignore the soul, causing sleeplessness, anxiety, anger, and depression. 

The guided meditations here are my gift to you. My great hope is that you will benefit. Feed your soul. Once your inner self gets the nectar of nurturing, it will never turn back.


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