The InSight Mentoring Method

The InSight Mentoring Method” is a blend of ancient thought, contemporary demand and the wisdom of the voice within.

The freedom to be your own person and to do the things that matter most to you can sometimes feel in conflict with what “gets you ahead” in life. Being true to yourself,  should not do battle with attainment and success. Quite the opposite.  

Your individuality and natural foresight can take you anywhere. It’s a gold mine, your gold mine. But prosperity is only golden when it comes with peace and a sense of fulfillment.

The InSight Mentoring Method” opens the mind to its own wisdom and instinct, through the amalgamation of tried and true ancient wisdom and observation techniques, giving rise to the essential voice within. A clearer path appears for the aspirant...a path to accomplishment, expansion and success. All of it enveloped in peace and well-being.


  • Prior completion of “Integrated Intuitive Thinking”


  • Anyone who has not completed 'Integrated Intuitive Thinking", may apply by sharing her/his life experience and goals.

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