Guided Meditations


We humans are much too busy. There are so many things to attend to every single day.  Ask yourself this question. Would I go all day and not eat or drink anything? Maybe for a day. Would I go two or three days…a week…a month? Certainly not.

We feed the body and completely ignore the soul. And so we suffer with sleeplessness, anxiety, anger, and depression. 

The guided meditations here are my gift to you. My great hope is that you will benefit. They are not long. Feed your soul. Do it as much as you like. Once your inner self gets the nectar of nurturing, it will never turn back.


General Meditation

This meditation is for those who would like to develop their inner self. You’ll be introduced to a most elegant and quiet place…inside yourself. From there, you can go anywhere. There is five and a half minutes of free floating in this meditation. Enjoy every second. 

Feed your inner self.

Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep is essential. This guided meditation is a combination of ancient yoga and what has come to me to enable the body and mind to let go, relax and sleep deeply.

Releasing Habbits

We all have habits. Some are great. Some are not so good. Whatever you need to release whether small or large, this guided meditation can help.

I’ve been told that it has helped with releasing smoking, nail biting and self-harm.

Listen and let go.