Sessions with Carolyn


Individual Intuitive session

An individual intuitive session is 1 hour long. I am a clairvoyant/ telepath, which means that I see pictures and get an overall sense of things. I cover any and all areas of life, physical or spiritual.

As a client, you are free to come with and ask questions and/or to let things flow as they come.

Healing, comfort, knowledge, and awareness are my main goals. The intuitive experience should always give you something to walk away with that you can use to improve and enhance your life. 

I do not dance around issues or questions. I attempt to deal with things head on but with love and compassion.

1 Hour Session – $150               


Couples Intuitive Session

I work with couples in dealing with issues ranging from buying a house to what the next best business move is. Sometimes it’s hard to articulate your feelings, even if you want to and even if you’ve tried. When things are intense we sometimes lose sight of what the other person is going through and how that relates to a particular issue.

I’ve worked quite often with couples who want to move forward with the information they need to make a decision that creates positive outcomes.

1 Hour Session – $175



Beginning Integrated Intuitive Thinking – A five week seminar  $245

Class syllabus

Intermediate Integrated Intuitive Thinking  – A four week seminar  $245

Advanced Integrated Intuitive Thinking – four weeks – Private study only, must have taken previous classes. Two hours per class, $100 per hour (Serious students only)

Call for information about classes. (805) 267-9194

Past Life Session

I realize that a Past Life Reading may not be for everyone. Until now, I actually didn’t have it up as a service. One just had to know that I did them. I’ve recently been encouraged to offer them openly and so here it is.

A Past Life Reading can offer insight and help wade through a swamp of unknown components acting on your life and can trigger those much sought after “Ah Ha” moments that change thinking and open the mind and path.

There are reasons that we interact with the various individual people in our lives. The brush strokes of karma that we bring in with us fully color our world. Its up to us to find and understand what shades our minds and how we can jettison what does not serve us, keep that which does, and release ourselves and others from chains we no longer need or want.

1 hour session - $175