hand knit washcloth with Buddha image

Kathy’s Cloth Collection

Exclusive Handmade Wash Cloths

Made in the USA, in a pet free, smoke free home.

100% USA Made Cotton

Going to the mall to buy washcloths is BORING.  Look at these beautiful handmade cloths subtly donned with great symbols brought forth from the mystic, knowing well of the Universal mind.

Each cloth is lovingly handmade in the USA. They are ultra durable and will serve you for a very long time. 

Heavy duty enough to be used in the kitchen, and because of the clean natural cotton fiber these unique cloths are perfect for your new baby, or as a face cloth. 

Add a splash of color and design by laying one beside your bathroom sink or add fun with a message to your kitchen.

You won’t find these just anywhere.

The Buddha –-------  8”x7” - $12.95

Lord Ganesh -------- 9”x7” - $12.95

Om (Simple) -------- 9”x9” - $11.95

Om (Fancy)   -------- 8”x7” - $13.95

Om (Lacy Edges) ---   8”x9” - $14.95

Machine wash and dry. Darker colors may fade a bit at first.


Energetically Charged Crystals & Stones

In the future you will find Crystals and Stones pieces here that I have charged for various uses. It takes time to infuse them with the intended energies, so check back frequently. I will do my best to keep them at a reasonable cost.

Some uses for the Gems & Crystals will be:

  •  Deepening meditation
  •  Promoting physical strength in various areas
  •  Deepening intuition
  •  Enhancing confidence
  •  Soothing the mind
  •  Soothing the body…                                                         

                                     ...and many more.