Carolyn Stonecloud is an extraordinary healer who has had a profound impact on my life. She encouraged and taught me how to contact that place within myself where I am able to experience peace and find my own answers to questions pertaining to my life. Which is not to say that I don’t check my own intuitions out with her, for she is a formidable talent, and amazingly accurate clairvoyant. But the greatest gift she gave me was being able to rely on myself which was extremely liberating. It gave me a sense of self-confidence I never really had before.

- Lauren Tom (Actress)

Sweet Carolyn;

Here’s my piece.

Carolyn shows the way to your own horse-sense. Yes, psychic ability is just horse-sense combined with simple intuition. We all have it. Proof is forthcoming in her class. Such a surprise to us pessimists. It is also an uplifting and healing experience. How? That is quite individual. But it seems you are plugged into a kind of Oneness I’ve not evidenced so clearly as in her class. Nice folks too!

- David Allen Brooks (Actor)

Being a Taurus makes me an extremely cautious person. I have gone to many psychics with much skepticism. Many times I have been disappointed. Then one day I met Carolyn Stonecloud. She read me and my sister. Her accuracy was astounding. There was an energy about her that was something I could not define – but you knew there was no bullshit – she is a truly gifted psychic. She has given me renewed faith in the psychic world.

I have always been psychic myself, but did not have a clue what to do with this ability. Because I stayed in contact with Carolyn and continued to have readings with her she told me about her 15 week course and felt I would benefit from it. As far as I am concerned Carolyn is my mentor. This course not only is opening my psychic ability but is giving me the confidence I have always wanted. It is teaching me to trust my gift – my life has improved because I feel more grounded, more poised and much better about myself in general. I feel confident in my choices and very directed.

This course is a gift to yourself. If you have the opportunity to take it – do!! I promise you – you will thank me for my recommendation.

- Jann Hoffman

“Having met Carolyn thirteen years ago at the beginning of the exploration of my own intuitive nature, I often feel so grateful for having found her then.  Her understanding and breadth of knowledge about the scope of human intuition, its capacity to inform us constructively as we navigate life and also its capacity to confuse us when we do not know its strength within us is truly a gift to those who have been fortunate enough to work with her.

Carolyn’s compassion makes any interaction with her a healing journey, whether it be as teacher to student or as intuitive to client. Carolyn’s impact is always about clearing existing obstacles to well being and light.

Her course is completely accessible even for those in determined skepticism. It is astounding in its simplicity, and profoundly reassuring that feelings we all may have disregarded as unimportant may indeed be important signals our own inherent, organic, intuitive sense is sending us to be better able to take care of ourselves and others.  She is truly a gift in my life.”

- Laura Birrell